Stressed. Tired. Overwhelmed.That was me for so long as I spent all my time pouring into everyone around me.

That’s what I thought I was supposed to do! I felt bad taking time “just for me” until I realized that a meaningful and creative hobby would fill me up and bless everyone around me too.

That’s when I discovered lettering…

Lettering is such an amazing hobby that you can learn (even if you hate your handwriting – I promise!). It doesn’t take a million supplies and you can easily take them around with you. Whether you’re just barely beginning or are ready to take your lettering to the next level, we’ve got awesome resources for you…



There’s a gorgeous lettering artist inside you, you just need to coax her out. Yes, YOU!

Anyone can create beautiful lettering, you just need practice - and a few secrets to help you speed up your learning curve.

Join our FREE Unlock Your Lettering Class, and you’ll learn:

  • The lingo - all the terms you need to know to letter like a pro
  • My favorite secret for creating a lettering style all your own
  • How to jump into FANCY lettering (faux calligraphy and using brush pens)
  • The BIG mistake letterers make, and how you can avoid it


The Creative Lettering Journal will not only teach you faux calligraphy, but includes journaling prompts and coloring pages all focused on gratitude. What could be better?!


Lettering Paper Week!

If you've ever had your pens fray really fast from using the wrong paper, you know the pain of using the wrong paper for lettering! This week, I've highlighted one AMAZING paper product per day and I'm doing a round-up here for you to learn all about each one and how...

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Peace on Earth – Free Printable!

Free Printable of the lyrics by McKenna Hixson (used with permission). Free Printable - Peace in Christ Lyrics The first time I heard this song, I knew I HAD to letter the lyrics. They were so beautiful and continue to strengthen me anytime I think of them! After I...

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