3 Pens for Card Making

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These are the 3 pens I use in my Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course.


This set includes:

1.  A Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen (B) with a Medium Brush Tip

2.  A Tombow Fude Fudenosuke Hard Nib with a Small Brush Tip

3.  A Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen (M) with a Mono-Liner Tip


I used the Pitt (B) pen as my all-around multipurpose brush pen, and I love having the Fudenosuke small tip for smaller projects or details.  And the mono-liner pen works great for outlining and embellishments.


So why sell these 3 as a separate set?  I do it to just make your life easier!  These are the pens I recommend you have on hand for card-making projects.  These are the highest quality pens on the market - we don't sell anything I'm not proud of, and I love these pens!


Note:  For pen 3, the mono-liner, we sometimes have to substitute a different mono-liner pen depending on supply availability.  The alternate pen is the Pitt Artist (F) pen, which has a 0.5-millimeter tip instead of 0.7 on the (M).  I also really love the Tombow mono-liner pen and the Sakura Bullet Point pens, so if we can't stock the Pitt (M) we may use one of those substitutes.  They are all excellent options, and they are nearly the same cost.