You've seen people creating beautiful calligraphy, but when you try it on your own, it just doesn't turn out the same... When I first got brush pens I was beyond frustrated. After a ton of work, research & practice, I finally unlocked the keys to making them work like magic and can't wait to share these tips with you! This course will teach you all the tools and tips you need to use a brush pen like a pro!

This course was created as a supplement to the Guide to Mindful Lettering. It's the closest thing I can provide you to me actually being over your shoulder helping you get started. When I first started teaching lettering, I was able to do it in person and I loved it! I could watch how people interpreted my instructions and what steps they got stuck on. I've condensed all of that experience into my book and this accompanying course. I hope you have fun and enjoy this meaningful, relaxing activity.

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