Brush Pens – So Many Options, Which are the best for beginners?

What brush pens are best for beginners?? These are my 3 favorites! And they are all included in our Perfect Pen Pouch Starter Kit. 🙌🏻

Small Brush Pens


Starting with the small tip brush pens, I love the Tombow Fudenosuke pen. We include a black ink fudenosuke in the Perfect Pen Pouch Starter kit but we also carry a 10 pack of colored pens as well.

They’re so great for Envelopes, Journaling, Place cards, Note taking, List making, Bible journaling & more!

Here is a link to the 10 pack of Fudenosuke pens.

Medium Brush Pens


My go-to pen for most projects is the Pitt Artist Pen, I just love it so much!  Its medium size brush tip is perfect for creating smooth full brush strokes and I love all the colors these come in. Click the images below if there’s a color set that interests you.

Large Brush Pens

Okay, for the large brush pen size I love the Tombow dual brush pen, it’s just an amazing brush in the larger size and we include one our perfect pen pouch starter kit and we carry a few sets of different colors in the store.

Here’s a quick look at the Tombow dual brush pen in action:

One thing that is fun with the bullet tip pen end of these is to come back and add a little shadow line.  It adds a little bit more dimension, more flair, kind of a fun thing.

Don't be afraid to give these different size brush pens a try. I love having a variety of tools, each for their own special use!

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