The Perfect Paper for Lettering

Ever walk down the paper aisle of an art supply store? It's super confusing to know what paper is going to work for lettering, and the high prices don't mean better products either.

We searched high and low for the best paper products and finally decided to make our own and we are SO SO happy with how they turned out.

Paper, Notebooks, Dotpads

Make sure you pick up some tracing paper, use it to cover the practice pages so you can do them over and over (pro tip: hold it in place paper clips).

The dot pad and blank pad are perfect when you're ready to start your own project, the paper is thick so it won't bleed through and it's smooth so your pens won't wear out.

The Cardstock pack is what you need for your final design that you're ready to frame.

And the notebooks are super portable, I use them for everything from journaling to lettering on the road - with the same thick smooth paper as our dot and blank pads.