Affirmations for a Healing Journey

A Brand New Release

30 Days of Healing Affirmations

This new book has 30 days of healing affirmations to help you focus on recovery - whether that's your physical, mental, or emotional health.   Using mindful lettering as a way to refocus and regain creative energy during a recovery is to goal of this book!

Affirmations for a Peace and Calm

Daily Mindful Lettering Book 2

If you've ever struggled with anxiety then this book is for you.  Create a daily habit, a time set aside just for you to focus on positive affirmations and a creative outlet.  This book has 30 days of content and includes pens and a video tutorial.

Affirmations to Live and Love

Increase your focus on positive words and phrases as you practice this meaningful hobby.

It's hard to keep up with a regular lettering practice which is why I broke this down into bite-size pieces for you to get the benefits of mindfulness AND creativity in this nurturing workbook. Get the benefits of both a creative outlet and a mindful one as each day you complete positive affirmations.

Beginners Start Here!

For First-time letters this is the perfect Instructional Book to get you started.  This is the easy way to get that modern lettering look you've seen in Instagram and Pinterest. Let me teach you my method of Faux Calligraphy.  

Brush Pen Calligraphy

The Next Step in Lettering

Brush Pen Calligraphy is the Next Step For Lettering

Learn how to master brush calligraphy pens.  I'll walk you through each brush stroke with this book and video tutorial.  Grab the bundle to get my 3 absolute favorite brush pens in a super handy pen pouch and my super smooth tracing paper at a discount when you buy them together!  This is everything you need to become a proficient brush pen letterer.

Advanced Lettering

The Guide To Flourishing

This book is packed with tips and instructions on how to take your lettering from basic to really beautiful.  I'll show you my method for connecting letters together and adding style to your creations.  This is one of my most densely packed books and it includes a video tutorial and a brush pen. 


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