video tutorials included

Each of my workbooks comes with a detailed video tutorial. I'll walk you through the book and show you exactly how to get started! A link to the video classroom and login credentials will be emailed to you shortly after you purchase the book. 

Which Book Should I Start With?

Creative LEttering Journal

For lettering beginners, this is the place to start! In this book you'll learn faux calligraphy.  I'll show you how to make the basic shape of each letter and then go back and thicken your strokes to get that modern calligraphy look without using any fancy tools.

The Guide to Mindful Lettering

Ready for the next step in beginner lettering?  Time to try brush pen calligraphy. Learn the proper technique for lettering with this artful tool.  I'll take you through the strokes for each letter and show you my trick for connecting them all together (these tips help a ton!)

daily Mindful Lettering

Lettering Inspiration for 30 Days

Make lettering a daily activity!  These beginner-friendly books give you bite-sized practice pages that you can enjoy in a few minutes each day. Complete meaningful affirmations that will help you learn lettering skills and help you to focus on powerful positive thoughts.  

Guide to Flourishing

Ready for something more advanced? Learn my detailed techniques for connecting your letters together, adding style to your lettering and creating final composed designs. This book includes 27 alphabet pages with a dozen different flourishing styles for each letter.

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