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You spend most of your time pouring into everyone around you which often leaves you feeling depleted, stressed and overwhelmed. Now it’s time to embrace a meaningful mindset and creative hobby that will fill you up, inspire you and help you create a life you love.

Creative Lettering Journal

Finally…A Fun Way To Learn Lettering!

1. Start with the Creative Lettering Journal and learn Faux Calligraphy. This is the easiest place to start. It's the relaxing new hobby you've been searching for!

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Nurture Your Creativity

2. Move to the Brush Pen Bundle to learn Mindful Brush Lettering.

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Take your lettering from basic to REALLY beautiful

3. Advance your skills with our Flourishing Bundle. 100 pages of flourishing goodness with a video tutorial to guide you along the way.

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About Lisa

I have struggled with my own mental health and life challenges for years. I thought I was doing the right thing putting everything else first before my own well-being. I couldn’t figure out what I should be doing to feel better until I prioritized CREATING. Creating with my hands (lettering is my favorite!) as well as creating with my mind and learning the tools to free myself from the negative loops I used to find myself stuck in. I can’t wait to help you create your own purposeful hobby and mindset too!

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Less Stress, More Meaningful Moments

Greeting Card Course

The Ultimate Hand Lettered

Greeting Card Course

Make your cards more meaningful by creating them yourself! In this course, I'll show you how I make cards for all occasions, and I'll provide the resources you need to add beauty and personality to the card and envelope!

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The Basics of iPad Lettering

on Procreate

Learn everything you need to know to letter in the Procreate App without getting bogged down with details that are distracting or confising. With 3 hours of content, digital downloads,and 2 custom Procreate brushes included!

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Affirmations for a Healing Journey

30 Days of Healing Affirmations

This new book was inspired by you. A member of this community reached out to me about how lettering helped her find resiliency during cancer treatments. She said that lettering became a creative play that allowed her to destress and called it "soul-food for healing".

This wonderful, brave, inspiring woman's name is Rachael, and you'll read more of her story in the new book.

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With Your Hands and Your Mind

We provide workbooks, online workshops & materials to help you learn a fulfilling hobby (lettering!) and create a meaningful mindset.