By Learning a Fulfilling Hobby and Developing a Meaningful Mindset

After going through some of the most challenging times of my life, I was beyond stressed and overwhelmed.

I knew I was lucky to have so many blessings but the struggles were real and I had a hard time coping with it all.

When I found lettering, it was a way to have my own little creative escape which I desperately needed!

It also helped me focus on uplifting words and as I would write them, it became a mindful practice that changed my thoughts and my experiences.

That lead me to learning more about my mental health and how to better drop the negativity in my head and I learned that combining mindfulness and creativity was insanely powerful!

More than just learning a fun hobby I want it to fill you up. I want you to learn the secrets about mindset that will

Change Your Creativity, Your Life and Your Relationships.

THIS is why I have created heartfelt workbooks and online courses that I hope will bring more meaning and joy to your life too!

We believe that it’s possible to take time for yourself and still have time for everything else.

It’s hard to believe isn’t it? When life feels so hectic and crazy, how can we spare even a few minutes to do something we enjoy just for ourselves?? I used to think this too. I felt guilty for doing anything “for myself.” That is, until I realized that when I took care of myself, I was able to then love on everyone around me without resentment or frustration!

I want this for you too. I know it’s possible and can truly change your life!

Our Core Values

We believe that creating a meaningful mindset is the first step to more fully enjoying our creativity and our lives! When we feel stressed and weighed down, everything feels overwhelming. Once you learn how your mind and emotions work, you’ll find freedom to create a life you truly love.


We believe that true joy and connection comes from creating! When we take the time to learn and try something new, we connect with our souls in a deep and meaningful way. We release the stress that can feel overwhelming and find more JOY.


We invite you to be Committed to Create. Commit to creating DAILY with your hands and your mind. Learn our mindset tools and apply them. Take 5 minutes to draw, letter, paint, decorate or organize. Release the need for any of it to be perfect and embrace the joy of creating!

I Used to Feel Stuck.

About Lisa, the founder

For years, I felt stuck - not knowing how to let go of the mental and emotional weight I felt. I embraced the power of creating and my life changed. I embraced new creative hobbies (lettering is my favorite!) and learned tools on how to better manage the thoughts in my brain. This changed EVERYTHING.

Now I believe in the power of combining creativity and mindfulness. Allowing myself to create in a way that I don’t judge my progress and learning about my mind in a fun and creative way that makes sense. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you so that you can enjoy the same fulfillment and joy in your own life!