My Essentials for Chalk Art

I am so excited for you to get started with Chalk Art!!

Here is my WHOLE list of my favorite chalk supplies!! I love that these are super inexpensive tools, and I honestly love using all of them. Trust me when I say: not all chalk tools are created equal!

My absolute favorite chalk is , and you can order it on Amazon. I'm adding Amazon links to ALL of my favorite chalk tools below!

{find the full list of supplies below}


1. A Chalkboard - any size, any type will do. . I also recommend getting one from Home Depot and they will even cut it there for you into smaller boards which makes them super affordable! You can also make your own using (They also sell that you can paint on with a roller!)

2. Chalk - my favorite chalk is but any chalk will do! If you're doing this with your kids, you don't need a box of chalk per kid! You can all share if you want! Other types of chalk markers and pencils are optional so you can wait and see which ones you would like to get later on.

3. Eraser - I love to use that you can get at the grocery store or on Amazon.

4. A Bowl of Water

5. - You can buy the one linked here on Amazon or head to your local Target or Walmart to find one for under $2! This isn't mandatory but very helpful to get a sharp point on your chalk!

6. Q-tips - just that you get at the grocery store. Easy enough, right?



7. It comes with white and colored chalk cartridges. This is like real chalk, just smaller so it erases really nicely. If you get this, you won't need the Chalk pencils mentioned below...

8. or - these are great for small detail work - they don't erase as easily, sometimes you want something that won't smudge quite as easily so that can come in handy.

9. - I just don't use chalk markers as much because I love chalk, but Chalk Ink is my favorite brand! You can also visit for more markers and colors!

10. You can definitely use a if you'd like. It just is more likely to move the dust around as opposed to picking it up off the chalkboard.


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