DIY Greeting Cards, Placecards & More!


Hello friends!

If you'd ever like to try any of these 3 things, you HAVE to keep reading:

  1. Frame and display hand lettering of your favorite quote
  2. Make your own greeting cards
  3. Make hand lettered place cards for a dinner party

Ok, ready to try?? You're going to love our Final Design Lettering Cardstock!

Final Design Lettering Cardstock

First thing's first: about the paper. Our Cardstock is SO smooth and thick, it is very nice to your brush pens and won't curl or age in a frame if you want to display it. (A framed piece of your very own hand lettering makes the sweetest gift!!)

It comes shrink wrapped together, so there's no messy trying to rip out pages: all four sides are perfectly square from the start!

And if you want to fold, cut, or create it into something new, I've got your back. No need to get stressed over jagged or fraying edges, just follow the steps I show you in my tutorial!

Watch how I score, cut, and create with cardstock:

I also love using this cardstock to make my own gift tags. I love letting my kids decorate their own when we give someone a holiday or birthday gift - they always love it!!

What will you be creating with cardstock? I'm always over on Instagram and I love trading messages with you there about what we are lettering and creating.

You can get started by ordering your Final Design Cardstock here

Or you can keep learning along with me about my FAVORITE papers for hand lettering: you can watch me rave about the smoothest tracing paper ever here, and learn how to ALWAYS keep your lettering straight by clicking here!

Xo ❤️ Lisa

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