Dot Grid: a Game-Changer for Hand Lettering!


Hi fellow letterers!

Have you ever finished hand lettering a phrase, and realized your lines are crooked? 🤦🏼‍♀️ It's just the worst!! But no one has time to draw lines with a ruler and then erase them every time, am I right??

If this sounds like you, you are going to LOVE our Dot Grid Lettering Pad.

Let me show you why it's so helpful:


Our Lettering Dot Paper that we sell in our shop is so helpful for lettering, whether you are a beginner learning about brush pens or are practicing advanced flourishing.

It gives you a subtle but super helpful guide to help you do hand lettering in a straight line and it gives a baseline for the height of your letters, so you can stay consistent! It is also great for practicing different styles of print or script lettering - you can experiment with higher or lower midlines, for example (I explain this in my above tutorial video!)

Hand Lettering dot Grid Paper

You can also use a pencil to sketch out designs, get your spacing just right, and then trace over it for a final design using our super smooth tracing paper!

The Dot Pad is also perforated at the top, so you can easily bend back the cover or tear off pages with ZERO frustration (plus: no side spine, which is great for all my lefties out there!)

Have you tried lettering on a dot grid before? If you want to give it a try, you can order one of our Lettering Dot Pads here. If you want to learn more about my favorite paper types for lettering, you can watch my tracing paper tutorial here

Xo 💙 Lisa 

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