Letter Together Holiday: The Weary World Rejoices ✨


Hey friends! 🎄✍🏼

Another Letter Together Holiday Edition is in the books! Ready to see what this week's hand lettered holiday quote was?


We lettered "A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices" ❤️

I've been choosing quotes from your suggestions on my Instagram page, and a bunch of you wanted this one! I loved lettering it with you.

Our very first Letter Together Holiday Edition quote was "Joy to the World" and you can still find that video and printable here! Last week was "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and you can still find that one online here too. 

I saved the live video so you can go back and watch step by step to practice right along with me.

And the best part about watching it now is you can download these free hand lettering practice worksheets first!

I'll send you a 2 page PDF where I show you in SUPER detail exactly how I lettered this phrase.

In the video I showed you both faux calligraphy, where you manually thicken your downstrokes, and brush calligraphy, where you press harder on your downstrokes and lightly on your upstrokes to make thicker and thinner parts of each letter. You can use these worksheets either way!

Or, you can print out the full black final design to just decorate your house for the holidays!

Ready to download these free lettering worksheets?


Download this week's Free Holiday Lettering Printables! ✨

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    Once you have your worksheets ready, you can practice with me and see exactly how I made them in the recording of the Letter Together live video! Here's the link to watch the most recent one:

    And remember, there are three more Letter Together Holiday Quotes that you can download for free right here on my site!

    Click here to check them all out

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

    Xo, Lisa

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