Letter Together Holiday: Joy to the World ✨

Lisa Funk @ 2021-12-07 10:12:47 -0700


Hello and happy holidays, friends! 🎄✍🏼

If you're a follower of my Instagram page, you know about my LIVE Letter Together videos and that they are BACK for the holiday season this year!

Every Thursday in December leading up to Christmas, I am jumping on Instagram live to letter a new holiday quote with you start to finish. 

What's so cool about these live lettering videos is you see my WHOLE process. I don't letter anything in advance, you see exactly how I lay everything out and get tips for tracing, using pencils, brush pens, tracing paper, and more!

 For the first Letter Together Holiday Edition, we lettered "Joy to the World". And don't worry, I saved the live video so you can watch if you missed it!

But before you watch... you might want these free worksheets to help you practice!

This is something NEW I am doing for our letter together videos this time.

After I go live every Thursday, I am turning the holiday quote that we lettered into a free practice worksheet and free final design printable that I send to my email list on Friday mornings!

You can get these FREE resources to practice with me. On the practice worksheets, I show you in SUPER detail exactly how I lettered this phrase. You'll see the order of my strokes and which directions they go in, and then you can trace and practice.

Or, you can print out the full black final design to just decorate your house for the holidays! Totally up to you. 

Ready to get these free lettering sheets?

Download your Joy to the World Printables! ✨

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    By signing up for this download, you will automatically be subscribed to receive the videos and free printables for ALL of the holiday quotes that I letter this season! I send them out on Friday mornings, so make sure you check your email for a little extra holiday joy. 🎁 ✨

    Once you have your worksheets ready, you can practice with me and see exactly how I made them in the recording of the Letter Together live video! Here's the link to watch:

    And remember, you can catch me LIVE on Instagram on Thursday mornings in December as we countdown to Christmas! The next Letter Together Holiday Edition will be Thursday at 10 am MST. Visit my Instagram page to set yourself a reminder!

    Happy holidays! xoxo, Lisa

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