Lettering for Thanksgiving - Free Placecard TEMPLATE!!!

Do you want to add a fun handmade touch to your Thanksgiving table? Even if you're not hosting, you could offer to bring these place cards and it would make a lovely addition to any table. One side of the place card will have a pre-printed word (grateful, thankful, blessed) and the other side will be blank for you to fill in yourself!

Here is how you use this template:

1. Cut on the faint gray lines

2. Fold in half

3. Hand write names on the blank side.


Here's a really fun way to make it really meaningful... While you're lettering each name, take a moment of gratitude for that person. Think about what you love about them (even if it's a challenge, stretch yourself to do it!). You could even write some of the qualities about them that you love on the inside of the place card - wouldn't that be such a fun surprise?!

What pens should you use?

These are the NEW HOLIDAY PENS that I am so in love with (the ones from the picture). We only have a limited number of these sets so grab them while you can. I love the gold metallic the most but they are all great.

Here are the pre-printed words that will be on one side...

Then you write the names on the other side. Of course you can do them all the same color or you can mix them up too if you'd like.

One more time,

CLICK HERE for the Place Card Template

CLICK HERE to get the Holiday Pen set!

CLICK HERE to get our CARDSTOCK Paper!

Next month, I'll be sharing more about how to use these pens to letter your Christmas Card envelopes so be on the look out for that next month!

Hope you're having a wonderful November so far!



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