Lettering FAQs: What is the best pen set for beginners?


Hello fellow letterers! I love answering your hand lettering questions on my blog and on Instagram. You all have SO many great questions about how to start hand lettering, but one of the questions I get asked the most is: What pens are best for beginners?


Answer: if you are a true true hand lettering beginner, these Faber-Castell Duo Tip Markers from our shop are a great place to start!

Duo Tip Markers for Beginner Hand Lettering


You can use them to manually come back and thicken downstrokes OR you can vary the angle and pressure and use them like a brush pen!

I put together a demonstration of how I use these pens for faux calligraphy and hand lettering. Watch the video here: 



I love these markers soooo much! Very similar to Crayola Supertips if you have those but I do love the colors on these and that there are two colors on each marker. 🙌🏻  You can shop this pen set on my site, just click here!

Xo, Lisa 

PS - want more beginner hand lettering tips? Check out my Creative Lettering Journal and my other blog posts, like this one about How to Control your Brush Strokes for brush lettering! 

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