Lettering FAQs – What is the best pen set for beginners?

Lisa Funk @ 2020-05-01 22:27:08 -0700

The most asked question is – what is the best set for beginners? Answer: if you are a true true beginner, these Faber-Castell Duo Tip Markers from our shop are a great place to start!

You can use them to manually come back and thicken downstrokes OR you can vary the angle and pressure and use them like a brush pen!

I love these soooo much! Very similar to Crayola Supertips if you have those but I do love the colors on these and that there are two colors on each marker. 🙌🏻 xo Lisa

Find the pens here: https://shop.handlettereddesign.com/products/24-duo-tip-marker-pen-set-with-48-colors


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