Lettering Paper Week!

If you’ve ever had your pens fray really fast from using the wrong paper, you know the pain of using the wrong paper for lettering!

This week, I’ve highlighted one AMAZING paper product per day and I’m doing a round-up here for you to learn all about each one and how it will make your lettering life better than ever!

Tracing Paper

This is the best tracing paper I’ve ever used!

Tracing paper will make your workbooks and your pens last way longer! You can clip it right on top of your tracing pages and it will get you so many uses. It’s also soooo smooth and will take care of your precious pens. Watch the video to see how great it is.

Head to the shop to grab yours today. I promise you’ll LOVE it!!!

Lettering Dot Pad

Dot pads are incredible for lettering. See my demos here!

I LOVE using dot paper for lettering because it gives me some structure with the dotted lines but it also is nice and open for my eye to able to create my lettering easily. Watch the video above to see my demos.

Find your lettering dot pad HERE.

Blank Paper Pad

Paper matters so much! I share a bunch more here.

Sometimes you just want blank paper and the type of paper matters! Don’t just grab regular old printer paper. It will ruin your pens and it’ll make it so difficult to create smooth strokes. Make sure whatever paper you get is super smooth and thick so it won’t bleed easily.

Check out our Blank Paper pad here.

Lettering Cardstock

I use this cardstock for everything! You’ve got to check it out

What’s so fun about lettering is creating beautiful things to share! That’s what I use the cardstock for: Cards, Name Tags, Place cards and more!

I can’t tell you how often I use this. Other cardstock has been really rough and thin but THIS cardstock is amazing and I know you’ll love it!.

Perfect Lettering Notebooks

Lettering on the go is so fun, but most notebooks are either too rough or bleed through. So I created the perfect lettering notebook with the same paper I use in my books. Each page alternates between blank pages and dot pattern pages and there’s a little surprise at the end, some fun letter alphabet inspiration for you.

These notebooks can be found in our shop by clicking here.

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