It's here!! The Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course


Hello hello!

Today is the day... my new greeting card course is finally ready and available for you! Ready to meet The Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course??

I created this course after I learned from a survey of my email subscribers that lots of you wanted to learn how to use lettering for greeting cards. 

I think that handmade greeting cards and hand written cards are a bit of a lost art. It's easy to underestimate the power of a hand written note or card, but they can be so incredibly special!!

Over the years I have saved lots of cards from friends or family members. I've been looking back at them all in preparation for this course and I am remembering so many special little moments thanks to all these cards! I found one from my grandma that had a story in it about my grandpa, who passed away when I was 14. It was so special to relive that memory and to see her beautiful handwriting. My mother-in-law always made handmade Christmas cards, and looking back at those brings back so many memories too. 

I want to help you create special memories for the people in your life too! And I think there's no better or more personal way than by sending some beautiful handmade snail mail. Are you with me??

Here are a few quick facts about The Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course:

  • 👩🏼‍🏫 It includes over 90 minutes of instructional videos
  • 📄 It comes with a 30-page digital download filled with design ideas and lettering worksheets
  • 💌 It includes step-by-step specific card tutorials
  • 🖊 It will help you use your lettering in a way that spreads joy and blesses other people
  • 🌸 For you, it will cost just $27!

 Watch the trailer for the course here:

In this course, I'll teach you my 3 Step Greeting Card Formula that will create balanced and beautiful cards every time. 

You don't need any hand lettering experience to do this course. I'll walk you through my beginner lettering tips and you get multiple lettering alphabet guides to trace and practice in the course download packet!

This is a self-guided online course, and you get lifetime access. That means you can do it on your own time and you can come back to it as many times as you want!

I think there is something really traditional and special about hand writing or hand making a card. When we sit down to write a card, we open our hearts to the person who will receive it. We share special experiences or feelings about them, and I think that love comes through especially when we give the card a personal touch.

Are you ready to get started making your own greeting cards with me?? I'll be with you every step of the way!

Click here to get your access to The Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course! 

I can't wait for you to get started! If you share any of your cards online, make sure you tag me @handlettereddesign. I love to see what you are creating!

Xo 💌 -Lisa

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