My #1 Tip for Chalk Art


Hello friends!

I have one huge tip that I always share around this time of year, and it tends to surprise people. If you're experimenting with chalk art this summer, this might be a game changer for you!

Ready to hear what it is?

Chalk Art Sharpen It

You can SHARPEN your chalk! 🤯🙌🏻

Yes, really! And you'll be surprised what a difference it makes.

I posted a video on Instagram this week showing the difference between using a piece of chalk straight out of the box and a sharpened piece of chalk. You can watch the difference here:


It really is crazy how much more control you have. You can make your lines so much smoother and get a very precise look!

I use a regular old pencil sharpener that you can get for just a few dollars from Target or Walmart or Amazon. Nothing fancy needed! The shavings turn into chalk dust so I recommend having a sharpener with a bottom attached to it to collect the dust so you don't get chalk dust everywhere!

I am also a firm believe that not all chalk is created equal! My absolute favorite chalk to use is Crayola Anti-Dust Chalk - you can order it on Amazon !

I have a whole list of all my favorite Chalk Tools that I'll include when you order my Chalk Art 101 Course. I love sharing this list because there are so many things on it that you probably already have in your house that come in handy for making chalk art.

You'll learn all about how to create beautiful chalk designs including different styles of lettering, frames and borders, decorative elements like flowers, and a whole lot more. 👩🏼‍🏫🌺💐

It also includes my Summer of Chalk Art Bonus that shows you step-by-step how to get your kids involved with chalk art by having a fun chalk summer camp.

All together you get over 4 hours of instructional videos and lifetime access so you can watch whenever and as many times as you want!

If you are ready to learn more chalk art tips and start a fun summer creativity project with me, you can click here to watch the Chalk Art 101 Trailer and get started.

Have you ever tried sharpening your chalk? Do you have any other chalk art tips? I'd love for your to jump in to the conversation on Instagram where we are talking all things chalk art!

Xo 💛 - Lisa

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