"You Are Loved" Lettering and Coloring Sheets


We are in this together my friend. Today, I've got 2 things for you - a coloring sheet and lettering practice sheet.

Both are focused on the phrase "You are Loved." The reason I chose this is because love is something that we have, that we can spread and that can grow during this time! No one can take it away from us. It's a reminder I want for my kids, for myself and for YOU.

Once you color it, I recommend mailing it to grandparents, friends, cousins or someone you LOVE to spread some cheer. Taking a picture and sending that spreads the love too!!

I also created a sheet where you can trace this same phrase for practice! 

It's really helpful for muscle memory to trace and it's relaxing too.

I hope that both of these Free Resources provide some fun and creativity to you during this time!

If you use them, tag me on Instagram so I can see! I'm at @handlettereddesign.

I'm here with you and praying you find peace and calm amidst the chaos.

Sending you love,

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