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Lisa Funk @ 2020-10-21 12:36:09 -0700

Hi All,


I did a little tour of my creative space today on Instagram and wanted to share the pictures and links for my supplies here too!

I'm going to link to the different supplies I use and hopefully it helps you! If I couldn't find the EXACT item, I linked to one very very similar for you.

PS- These are not fancy pictures of my supplies! I just snapped them quickly with my iphone but I know we're friends so you don't care if the lighting is perfect. :)

I love using these IKEA Plant Pot tins for storing pens and markers that I want to get to easily!

This IKEA Paper sorter is super handy to have nearby to organize my tracing paper, dot paper, blank paper & cardstock. Here is another good option from Amazon.

I use these acrylic make up drawers from Amazon to organize some of my pens and markers as well. It's a great option for the pens to be laying flat. It comes with another top piece that I use in my bathroom for my make up!

This iphone holder from Amazon is so awesome for taking lettering videos and talking to camera too! It can adjust and move every which way. I have had a few similar and this one is the best.

This Task Light from Amazon is a lifesaver! If you work at night or don't have much natural light, you will love this. No more shadows being cast from over head lighting!!! It moves around and can get close to your work. I love it.

Here is our Perfect Pen Pouch Starter kit! It's a great way to carry your pens around with you. It's oversized so it'll fit even your long tombow dual brush pens. It comes with 3 of my favorite pens too! You can pick from 2 different designs.


If you want to hear more about setting up your creative space, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to my podcast this week all about it.

(Click here to listen on apple device. Or click here for Stitcher or here for Spotify.)

I hope thes tips have helped you! I'd love to hear more about your creative space over on Instagram! You can find me @handlettereddesign.

I love your ideas.

Happy creating!



PS- Some of these links are affiliate links -That means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price. xoxo

PPS- If you want to start lettering, check out our Beginner Bundle - The CREATIVE LETTERING JOURNAL which is focused on gratitude as a practice that can really increase your mood. CLICK HERE to check it out.

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