The Guide to Flourishing

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If you have started lettering, are enjoying the basics, and you want to step things up a notch, this is the book for you!

When I got to this point in my lettering journey, I had to teach myself how to do a lot of this on my own. 

I realized as I kept practicing that there was a science to the art of flourishing - it doesn't have to be guesswork - and now you can learn it all right here in this workbook!

This book is for anyone who wants to learn about the flourishes, embellishments, and designs that allow you to create perfectly balanced, beautiful hand lettered quote designs.


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100 pages of templates and tips

This workbook includes:

- VERY specific tips to help you avoid common flourishing mistakes.

- Instruction on how to know which letters to flourish with.

- Templates for how to flourish all the letters of the alphabet.

- 26 pages of Uppercase Letter Flourishing examples (1 for each letter of the Alphabet!).

- How to start by flourishing one word at a time.

- Moving on to flourishing longer phrases

- How to Create final designs on various mediums (cardstock, digitally, on wood, glass, etc.).

Get those designs out of your head and onto paper!

This Guide will take all the guesswork out of how to add that extra special flair to your lettering.

If you've ever wanted to turn your lettering in a final design that you can frame, display, or reproduce, this book is for you!

what's included

Top or Side Spiral Workbook

You choose between two binding styles: Top Spiral or Side Spiral.

Top Spiral is a great option if you are left handed, because there's no spiral to get in the way of your hand while you letter!

Faber Castell Medium Pitt Artist Brush Pen

My all-time favorite brush pen! I can think of no better pen to start a flourishing practice.

The mid-sized brush tip responds so well to pressure so you can vary the width of your strokes as you flourish.

A video tutorial

I'll take you through your new workbook and show you exactly how to use it.

This will help you feel like I am right there with you, helping you learn. And you can come back to this video any time!

Bundle Options

We created a bundle that includes some of my favorite lettering paper, so you can keep your practice going outside the book too!

(I love to use tracing paper on top of my favorite workbook pages to practice them over and over!)

The Guide to Flourishing

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You can choose between two bundle options for this product:

Book + Pen + Video includes:

  • Choice of 1 Top or Side Spiral Workbook
  • 1 Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen
  • Full video tutorial


Book + Pen + Video + Tracing Paper + Dotpad + Cardstock includes:

  • Choice of 1 Top or Side Spiral Workbook
  • 1 Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen
  • 3 pads of high-quality lettering paper: 1 tracing, 1 dot grid, & 1 final design cardstock
  • Full video tutorial

(10% discount included on this bundle option.)

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