Intermediate Lettering - Flourishing & Layout

Intermediate Lettering - Flourishing & Layout

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Are you ready to create beautifully flourished layouts of your very own?

You’ve tried figuring out on your own how to make that long quote look beautiful on paper but man, it just is not coming out the way you want it to!! How does everyone make it look so easy?

You can even copy a design that’s right in front of you, but when it comes to creating your own from scratch, it’s a whole other story. Well, not anymore!

We are taking the mystery out of flourishing and laying out your finished designs.

we've created a system...

 (yes, steps that you follow!!) in order to get that beautiful final piece that has letters nested into each other with flourishes flowing beautifully!

You won’t have to guess or wonder how to get started or how to finish. We have laid it ALL out for you! Are you ready to be truly happy with your final product? It’s time!!

This Intermediate Flourishing and Layout Course is the best way to take your lettering up a notch. We cannot wait to help you get there! Before you know it, you’ll be getting asked by everyone and their sister to create custom designs for them (I’m serious!!) So just get ready to become a flourishing pro!

what makes this course different?

We make it SIMPLE. 

We truly have a system for you to follow! One step and then the next. You won’t get lost because we have it all laid out for you.

It’s accessible anytime. 

Whether you can start immediately or not for a few months, no worries – You can access these videos and worksheets whenever you have time!

We are here to ENCOURAGE you. 

This isn’t a course that talks down to you or expects you to master everything in one second. We repeat things and support you throughout the whole thing!

Let's walk through the course

In this course we will cover supplies, how to flourish every single letter of the alphabet, how to apply those flourishes shtarting with one word and then moving to longer quotes.

We share a step-by-step processwith you that will give you amazing assurance as you create your own stunning pieces all on your own. We then go through inking your final piece and as a bonus section - how to digitize your designs in Adobe Illustrator!

This course is really going to give you the confidence to move forward as an expert lettering artist, knowing for sure how to create your own masterpieces from scratch!

Chapter 1: Get This Party Started

1.  Let's Get Started

Chapter 2: Our Favorite Flourishing Supplies

1.  Class Supply List

Chapter 3: Flourishing in Detail - Part 1

1.  Ascenders, Descenders, and Cross Strokes

Chapter 4: Flourish in Detail - Part 2

1.  Entrance Strokes, Exit Strokes, and More

Chapter 5: Flourishing One Word

1.  Make it Manageable By Starting Simple

Chapter 6: Lay It All Out

1.  This is our step-by-step system for creating layouts that you will LOVE!

Chapter 7: Sample Layouts

1.  3 additional layouts – we walk through our whole thought process for creating them!

Chapter 8: Inking Your Final Piece

1.  Tools and techniques for making it final

Chapter 9: You Did It!

1.  Recap and Farewell

Special Bonus

1.  Time to Digitize - Learn to bring your hand drawings onto the computer with Step by Step instructions using Adobe Illustrator

Let's talk bonuses

Grab your Intermediate Flourishing and Layout Class today and you'll get your hands on 2 exclusive goodies:

  • Creating Banners: A variety of different banner designs in a packet for your reference…plus step by step tutorials for 3 of them! (Value $20)
  • Foundation to Flourish Mini-Class: Our popular foundation class will be yours to go back to again and again

Intermediate Lettering - Flourishing & Layout

$47.00 Sale Save

This Intermediate Flourishing and Layout Online Course includes 9 value-packed Chapters (plus 3 Bonuses: Digitizing Tutorial, Creating Banners Download, & Foundation to Flourish Mini-Class).

You get lifetime access to the course and can watch as many times as you need (and on as many devices as you'd like.)

This is a digital product. Your access to the course and the downloads will be emailed to you after your purchase. No physical products will be shipped to you.