March Mindful Lettering Challenge


Hello hello!

Are you ready for some daily creative mindfulness?

My 10-day March Mindfulness Lettering Challenge is underway! 

We started on Friday, March 1st and I'll be emailing out one free worksheet and video per day through March 10th. 

If you aren't signed up yet, you can do so below!

And don't worry about missing anything - I'll make sure to send you links to all 10 freebies no matter when you sign up!

March Mindful Lettering Challenge

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    I will be sending out each day's freebies at 9 am MST. So it you are signing up after that time, you'll get your first email tomorrow! And it will have all of the free worksheets and videos that I've shared in the Challenge so far. 

    And there might be a few surprises for anyone who opts-in too... 😉

    Are you looking forward to lettering with me?

    I know it can be hard to take that time for yourself so I hope this challenge encourages you to take a few minutes to just relax and create and enjoy the process. 

    Remember - there's no competition here! Go easy on yourself. You don't need to create perfect lettering or even participate every day to see the benefits of mindful lettering. 

    If you want get a head start, I recommend my Guide to Mindful Lettering Bundle:

    I'll be using this workbook throughout the challenge (you won't need it to participate but it will give you more ways to practice!)

    It also comes with my 3 favorite brush pens, a zippered pen pouch and a full pad of my favorite lettering tracing paper. 

    These are all awesome tools to help you make the most of this upcoming challenge and to keep it going on your own after the 10 days are up!

    Here's a peek inside the book: see how it can help you get the hang of using a brush pen? These pen drills are a huge help when you are just getting started with lettering. 

    Shop The Guide to Mindful Lettering Bundle Here

    And I can't wait to start the March Mindfulness Lettering Challenge with you!

    Here's to a little less madness and a little more mindfulness this March.

    xoxo- Lisa