Lettering Blank Paper Pad


Having the right supplies for the lettering project you're creating is essential to getting the best results and that won’t ruin your pens

I fell in love with this paper - it's the same that I use in my workbooks because it's thick and doesn't bleed through, it's super smooth, and it holds brush pen and marker ink really well. I wanted this to be portable so we made this pad with a fold-back cover.

feel the difference

You'll feel the difference when you first take hold of a sheet and compare it to the printer paper. I have other blank paper pads that I've used in the past but I've never found any of this high of quality specifically put together for lettering and calligraphy.

The pad includes 50 sheets, each perforated at the top for easy removal.

The cover has a beautiful UV matte finish on it and is creased to make it easy to fold it back while using the pad. And I love love this color!

Lettering Blank Paper Pad

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This Lettering Blank Paper Pad includes 50 perforated, tear-out 8.5" x 11" pages. The paper is our super smooth lettering paper that will protect your brush pens from fraying and won't bleed through.

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