Lettering Tracing Paper


If you're practicing your lettering, tracing paper is essential! I recommend this tracing pad with every book purchase so that you can trace over the pages again and again. It makes the most of your books!

The paper here is something special. Put it side-by-side to other tracing pads, this paper is smoother, sits flatter and crisper, and is more transparent. It works so well with brush pens and markers. It won't cause their tips to fray like regular fibrous tracing paper.


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Super thin & smooth, lays flat

I have found SO many ways to use this tracing paper. I love starting with a pencil sketch and using this paper to trace it with a brush pen. It's nice enough that you could even frame and display your designs on this paper!

The tracing pad includes 50 sheets and is attached to a glue-top pad so you can easily tear out each sheet when you need it. You are going to love this tracing paper!!!   

make your workbooks last

I like to paper clip a sheet of this tracing paper on top of my favorite workbooks pages. That way I can practice them over and over as many times as I like.

And here's another little hack: you can slide a sheet of tracing paper to different spots on alphabet workbook pages like this one to practice connecting and tracing letters to form any word you want!

There are just so many amazing ways to use this paper. I can't recommend it enough!!

Lettering Tracing Paper Pad

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This Tracing Paper Pad includes 50 8.5" x 11" sheets of our super smooth tracing paper. The paper is bound with a glue-top pad so each page is easy to tear out as you need it.

Please allow 2-3 business days to process your order before it ships. Thank you!