Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition

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Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition is a brand new, 88-page beginner lettering workbook. It includes drawing and lettering tutorials, alphabet practice pages, and mindful phrases to help with relaxation and growth. This book bundle comes with two brush pens, a full pad of tracing paper (for getting multiple uses out of the workbook) and a detailed video tutorial.

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I set out to create a new mindful lettering workbook that would be refreshing and youthful and fun - so who better to ask for help than my teenage daughter?

She helped me come up with the concept for this brand new book: Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition.

In this book, you'll meet 5 powerful plants - Each one has its own unique lettering style and its own mindfulness tools and techniques to help you grow a more positive mindset.

Mindful Lettering and Plants

I've always been a plant lover and it's something that I have encouraged with my family too. Research has shown that plants can be helpful when we are focusing on our mental health - it is so good for us to have something to take care of and they bring us so much joy!

So when my daughter suggested that we use plants as a tool for sharing mindful lettering, I immediately fell in love with the idea.

Not only is this book a FUN and creative escape for your mind, but it helps you to focus on more powerful positive thoughts.

And those positive thoughts can help you when prickly negative thoughts pop up (like they do for all of us sometimes!)

take a look inside the book

start recognizing our thoughts

Those negative thoughts that throw shade on everything you do? They're our prickly cactus thoughts. And we need to recognize them so we can learn ways to overcome them. We'll start by learning to draw our little cactus!

Meet the powerful plants

The 5 Powerful Plants help us to combat our prickly thoughts. Each one represents a new type of mindful thinking that we can use to overcome that negativity. For example, the Peace Lily represents calming and centering thoughts.

Alphabets & Practice

You'll learn to draw each plant and practice their lettering styles in line-by-line alphabet tracing pages. Then each section has some mindful phrases to trace where you can practice the 5 lettering styles while focusing on each plant's mindful message.

Put it all together

At the very end of the book, we'll combine all 5 lettering styles in 10 Powerful Plant Phrases with inspiring messages of growth. There is space to trace and a doodle page for inspiration to decorate your favorite phrases.

I've experienced this firsthand.

I talk a lot about my mental health and my struggles with depression and anxiety. Having a creative outlet that I can use to calm my racing mind has been a game changer for me.

But lettering isn't just for when you are feeling stressed or anxious (although I do find it so helpful when I am feeling that way). It's a FUN creative hobby that also helps you to focus on mindfulness and positivity - and that's what this book is all about.

Whether you are brand new to lettering, or you're shopping for a friend or a daughter or a parent or anyone who could use a little more creativity in their life, this book will be such a great way to relax, create, and GROW.

what's included

Top or Side Spiral Workbook

The 88-page Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition Workbook in your choice of Top or Side Spiral (Top Spiral is great for lefties!)

Tracing paper pad

A pad of my favorite tracing paper, so you can practice your favorite pages over and over. I like to paper clip a sheet right on top of a book page!

the 2 pens you need

You'll get 1 fine liner pen and 1 medium brush pen (2 of my favorites!) that are the perfect size for the lettering styles in this book.

a video tutorial

When you order, I'll also send you an email with a link to a super detailed video tutorial. It's like I'm right there with you! You get 12 Chapters of step-by-step videos to help you get started.

Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition

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This Product Bundle includes:

  • Choice of 1 Top or Side Spiral 88 page workbook
  • 1 Pad of Lettering Tracing Paper
  • 1 Medium Brush Pen
  • 1 Fine Liner Pen
  • Full online course with 12 Chapters that walks through the book step-by-step

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