Adding Shine to Holiday Cards

Hi friends!

One of my favorite ways to use my lettering around the holidays is addressing my holiday cards.

It's such a fun way to add that special and personal touch!

Every year I try to track down my favorite pens for holiday lettering and you guys...

This year they came in a set of 3!!

Gold, Silver and Copper METALLIC pens for holiday lettering 🤩

UPDATE: Our Metallic Pens are now SOLD OUT! You guys cleaned me out in less than a week... that's crazy!! But I have more card making links for you below too. Keep reading!! 

Last year we managed to find just the individual gold and silver pens for you but I am in love with this new copper color and the fact that we found them as a set!!

These pens are great for addressing envelopes and they show up beautifully on white envelopes or even colored ones (I'll give you the links below).

It's hard to capture in a photo but all 3 of these colors are metallic and they really shine when the light hits them.

I think they're so pretty!!

Not only are these great for addressing envelopes with a little extra holiday pizzazz but you could use them for gift tags or place cards or anything you want to make a little more festive. 🎁🍽

The most fun thing about these pens is you really don't have to do that fancy of lettering. Just using the pens in your own handwriting already makes it look amazing and extra special.

Here's the only downside to these pens...

They are definitely going to sell out.

I stocked up on more this year but these always go fast (and they went SO fast again this year!! I'll have to get even more next year!!) 

I have a few other things to recommend from my shop (and elsewhere!) that are great tools for holiday card making. 

First, I don't usually do this but I wanted to give you the links to these colored envelopes that I found on Amazon.

I ordered the red envelopes here.

Here is the link to the dark green.

And here is the link to the navy.

I love to mix metallics or colored pens with black - maybe alternating different colors on different lines of the address? There are so many ways to combine them!

That makes my Card Making Kit the best for the holidays!

This new kit includes a set of 20 of my blank greeting cards plus 3 pens chosen especially for card making.

These cards are made with our signature super high quality paper which you know I love for using markers and brush pens - it's always kind to them and won't cause them to fray.

And these 3 pens are the exact ones that I use in my card making course... which also makes a great gift!

My online Greeting Card Course is not specific to the winter holidays - it teaches you all about making your own cards and addressing envelopes in ways that you can use for birthdays, special occasions, and year-round!

In the course I share why card making is so special to me (my family always sent handmade cards, like the one below!) and how I think it's a bit of a lost art that you can help me bring back!

You get lifetime access when you order your course, so you can learn with me at your own pace and you can always come back to it later too. Learn more about what's included (on sale!) here.

Are you excited for your holiday cards this year??🖊✨

All of these card making products have already been selling for the holidays so I can't guarantee how long anything will be in stock.

If you're ready to order, here's a handy link to ALL of my Card Making Supplies.

I can't wait to hear what you think (and to see what you create!! I'd love to see how you use your new pens this holiday. If you share on Instagram make sure you tag me @handlettereddesign!)

Xo -Lisa

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