FREE December Coloring Calendar 🖍


Hello! Are you and your family getting ready for some holiday cheer? I have a freebie for you that I think you'll love: the December Coloring Calendar!

I love this calendar for keeping track of all your holiday activities, but one activity that I really love is simply coloring in and decorating the calendar! It's so much fun to do as a family to get excited about Christmas.

I created the calendar with two options: there is a large file that you can have printed poster-sized at Staples, and a file with pieces so you can print them out right at home and piece them together.

You can also of course print out the file on a single 8.5x11 sheet for a smaller calendar, but I love putting this together and decorating it to hang big on the wall somewhere as we make our holiday plans!

Fill out this form and I'll send you both calendar files right away:

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    Just remember: whatever you do or don't fill in on this Calendar - it's OKAY! You can have a full, busy December, or a quiet, simple December and either way is great. The important thing is that you do it because you love it and you have some fun along the way!

    I want to wish you and your loved ones the most wonderful holiday season. ❤️  If you share a photo of your calendar, I would be so happy to see it! You can tag me at @handlettereddesign on Instagram.

    Happy holidays and happy coloring! 🖍📅

    xo - Lisa

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