Holiday Gift Guides are Here! 🎁


Hello everyone!

The holiday spirit is in the air and my team has been thinking a lot about you and helping you find the perfect gifts for the people you love.

That's why this year for the first time EVER I am so excited to share that we are publishing a Holiday Gift Guide!! 🎉🎁🕯

I know that the holiday season can get very stressful. We all want to create magical moments but there can be a lot of pressure and hurdles to get there, and one of those hurdles is ALWAYS holiday shopping for me. 

With so many people shifting to online shopping, the options seem to be endless and I wanted to make it way easier to shop for all the creative people in your life!

Ready to see the gift guides??

Beginner Gift Guide

Beginner Lettering Gift Guide

This first guide was designed for ANYONE: 

  • Your teenage niece 
  • Your kids who love coloring
  • A hardworking friend
  • Any new moms in your life
  • Your gifting pro mother-in-law!

The gifts on this list don't require any experience at all with hand lettering. They offer a relaxing and approachable hobby that anyone can try. Not only are you giving a fun activity as a gift, but you are helping them to learn a new skill AND adding moments of mindfulness to their day! 

Browse the Beginner Lettering Gift Guide here.

Speaking of mindfulness...

The Mindful Lettering Gift Guide

Mindful Lettering Gift Guide

This guide was designed for anyone who is struggling with anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety for years, and discovering hand lettering has truly changed my life. A lot of our lettering workbooks focus specifically on how to overcome those anxious thoughts and to add more moments of peace and calm. 

If this sounds like you, know that I am sending you so much love! You are so strong, and I want to be there to help you through this time. Don't be afraid to put yourself on the list and do some holiday gifting of your own to yourself. (I have a podcast episode all about setting gift expectations and why it's OK to shop for yourself! You can listen or read the transcript here.)

Browse the Mindful Lettering Gift Guide here.

And finally...

The Lettering Lover Gift Guide

Lettering Lover Gift Guide

Already have a hand letterer in your life? Start with this guide! It includes my most advanced lettering workbook and tools to help anyone with a bit of hand lettering practice under their belt already to level up their lettering. 

All of these guides contain items from my shop, plus a few outside items that I think pair well with our products! I can't wait for you to click through and find what sounds the best for you and the people on your gift list this year. 

Browse the Lettering Lover Gift Guide here.

Click here to see ALL of my 2021 Holiday Gift Guides!

The items on these lists range from $10 - $60, so you can shop for both stocking stuffers and standalone gifts.

Remember, all of the workbooks in our shop come with a video tutorial from me, so the lucky person who receives your gift will also see step-by-step exactly how to get started!

Last but not least, you can SAVE on everything on these lists with our Black Friday discount codes! The sale is already underway and will be active through Cyber Monday. 

Black Friday Discount Codes for Hand Lettering Products

Use code HLD10 for 10% off any purchase of $30 or more and use code HLD15 for 15% off any purchase of $50 or more. Just enter your code at checkout!

Are you ready to make some major checks on your holiday shopping list?? I am so excited for you!

Click here to get to the Gift Guides.

THANK YOU for being here with me this holiday season. 😘 Happy shopping!

Xo ❤️ Lisa

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