Get These Banner Place Card Templates


Just in time for table setting and gift wrapping season, I have some banner place card templates for you!

Take your gift tagging and seating cards up a notch with these easy templates. All you need to do is print them out and write or hand letter each name. 

Banner Place Card no 2

I like to leave a slight white border around the edge of each ribbon when I cut them out. I think it gives a cool dimensional look!

We'll email you the templates so you can print them out at home.  Fill out the form below and then check your inbox, it should take less than 30 seconds to receive them.

I also have some videos that show you how to draw your own ribbon banner place cards. It's easier than you might think!



I love to use our Final Design Cardstock for making these place cards. It is super smooth, kind to your brush pens and will hold up on your holiday table!

Lettering Final Design Cardstock

You can find our Final Design Cardstock here.

And if you're in need of a little help with the lettering part, I do have some instructional books to get you practicing!

Instructional Books

The Creative Lettering Journal Bundle is my faux calligraphy instructional book. This is the fast track for beginners that want to start creating modern calligraphy.

Creative Lettering Journal Bundle


The Guide to Mindful Lettering is my other starter book, this one focuses on brush pen calligraphy. You'll learn how to make calligraphy brush strokes as I walk you through the full alphabet. A video tutorial is included, so you can go through the book with me step-by-step!

Guide to Mindful Lettering Bundle

 Will you be using place cards on your holiday table this year? I can't wait to see how you customize your own table settings! If you share any photos, make sure to tag me on Instagram @handlettereddesign. I love seeing your lettering!

Xo Lisa


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