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Hello hello!

I'm really excited about today's post because it has to do with something that I love SO much: traveling!

I absolutely love to travel (if you follow me on Instagram you've seen some inside looks at some of my family's trips) and we even purchased a travel trailer a few years ago which makes it so easy to pack up and go and to explore new places. 

Letter on the go

No surprise here: I also love lettering and journaling WHILE I am traveling and I know that can get cumbersome to lug around your notebook and supplies.

So I created The Perfect Travel Bundle for travel journaling and creating and I can't wait to share with you what's included!  

This bundle is basically my lettering travel kit

It includes my Perfect Lettering Notebooks which come in a set of 3. If I buy another small notebook from the grocery store for traveling I know the paper is going to be thin and it will be rough on my pens (If you know me you know I always want to protect my brush pens!!) so I made these little notebooks using the same high-quality paper that we use in our Top Spiral Notebooks and Lettering Workbooks.

Each book has a spread of dot grid and blank pages that alternate so you have a variety (dot grid is great for bullet journaling!)

I love using these notebooks for documenting what we are doing while we travel and I often do that using my favorite lettering styles so I get some lettering practice in at the same time.

You can also use these for doodling - I like to give each of my kids their own travel bundle so they can draw and save memories from our trip and it becomes such a fun creative way to look back on our travels and what stood out to them and what they created along the way. 

The Travel Bundle also includes my Perfect Pen Pouch Starter Kit.

It includes my 3 favorite brush pens in 3 different sizes so you have so many ways to practice! The pouch that they come in is available in 2 different super pretty designs, so you get to choose which one you'd like.

AND THE BEST PART: The notebooks AND the pens ALL fit inside of the pouch! So you have a perfect little grab-and-go kit for lettering on the go: whether that's on vacation or just a trip to the park or the beach. 

This mix of pens was perfect for creating this travel journal collage when my family went to London a few years ago:

London travel journal

I get so inspired when I am traveling so I love how this bundle gives me a place to express my creativity without taking up a ton of room in my suitcase.

You can find the notebook set and the pen set each on their own here on my site but since these are the two things I always bring with me for traveling I couldn't resist turning them into a bundle (and giving you a discount 🙌🏻)


What will you create during your travels? If you're ready to save and get started, click here to choose your pouch design and order your Travel Bundle today. 

Where will you be lettering? Let me know on Instagram, I love to see your #letteronthego creations!

Xo -Lisa



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