3 Ways to Erase Chalk


Here's a bit of a throwback: do you remember erasing the chalkboard in school using those chalk erasers that just smudged the chalk everywhere? Well guess what, they still don't work all that great. 😂

Especially if you're learning to hand letter with chalk and need to erase a small area. So what can you do instead?

I want to show you a GOOD way to use that classic chalk eraser. Plus two other ways to erase chalk that work a lot better using things that I bet you already have hanging around your house!

1. "Coloring" with chalk: use a classic eraser!

If you want to "fill in" an area on a chalkboard, a classic chalkboard eraser does a GREAT job at this. It will smudge the chalk evenly so you can color in any areas that you want to have an even, soft, chalky look.

And you can always clean up the edges with either of my next two eraser options:

2. Q-Tips (to erase small areas)

I bet you have a box of these beauty swabs somewhere in your house, right? They make a great tool for erasing and making tiny corrections when you are doing chalk art.

This is a good way to create dotted lines (like in the picture at the top of this post) or erase a little area if you are doing chalk lettering and want to fix part of a letter.

You can also get these slightly damp for a SUPER clean swipe and your chalk will be gone!

3. A Microfiber cloth

Maybe you have some of these hanging around for dusting. If you do, it will not surprise you that they are great at picking up chalk dust too.

I like to get one of these just a little bit wet as well. One swipe with a damp microfiber cloth and you can get your chalkboard back to a totally clean slate.

Have you ever tried any of these chalk eraser ideas? Do you have any other handy household things that you use to erase chalk?

I love hearing your ideas so you can head over to my Instagram page to see these in action or watch the video below!


Want to learn more chalk lettering tips?

If you are intrigued and want to give chalk art a try, you can get started with my Chalk Art 101 Course!

The course includes over 4 hours of instructional videos. You'll learn to make beautiful chalk art signs, get my list of all my favorite chalk tools, and learn how to host a cute Chalk Art Summer Camp with your kids!

This course is so perfect for summer since it can be a fun family activity or a relaxing solo one. And you don't need ANY hand lettering experience to get started.

You can follow along with me step-by-step with me from the very beginning. And there's no limit to how many times you watch or when you watch, so you can practice with me as many times as you want.

I also include a PDF that you can print out with chalk design templates to help get you started. You'll be creating beautiful chalk art in no time!

Watch the Chalk Art 101 Trailer HERE.

Xo ❤️ - Lisa

Psst... I've also shared my secret to smooth chalk lettering that ALWAYS surprises people here on the blog. Click here to see what it is!

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