Which book should I start with? QUIZ

Hello my friend!

I get asked super often which of my workbooks people should start with. 

The truth is, most of my workbooks are actually good for lettering beginners (except this one!) and it really comes down to what you want to learn and what type of mindfulness you want to focus on. 

So I decided to do something a little different. 

I made a QUIZ that you can take to find out which book is perfect for you!!

This quiz is great if you need help picking a beginner lettering workbook for yourself. 

But it will also help you pick out a lettering gift for someone else!

I'll ask you some basic lettering questions but also some more abstract questions too. 

I want to know what resonates with you right now to help match you with a mindful lettering book that will be exactly what you need right now. 

Ready to give it a try?


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