008: Failure Freedom


I often hear people tell me they’re afraid to try lettering because they might fail. Our brains fear the thought of failure to the extent that it literally stops people in their tracks. So many people never start something because they’re afraid. 

Can you imagine if you never started chasing after a dream because of that fear of failure? In this episode, I am talking about what it really means to fail and why you need to take a step back to examine the expectations you have for yourself.

I explore how the real problem is often the story that your brain is telling you. I talk about why you should take a few minutes to play the “what if” game when you’re feeling fear and why giving yourself the permission and freedom to fail will bring you joy. 

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • An invitation to create and indulge in 5 minutes of mindful creativity
  • What it really means to fail and why you should examine your expectations 
  • Why you should play the “what if” game with yourself
  • Why you should remain committed to create
  • The joy of creating even when the thing you’re creating is imperfect

Read the transcript of the episode below:



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