035: Making Friends as an Adult

035: Making Friends as an Adult


Making friends seems to be more challenging as we grow older. Are we making it harder than it has to be? 

In this episode, I am concluding the conversation we had this month all around love by talking about friendships! Friendships don’t have to be difficult to find, nurture and maintain and in this episode, I am giving you some tips to find genuine, solid friendships with great people.

You’ll hear about the importance of affirmations and a positive mindset around friendships, my advice on small gestures that can make a big difference in maintaining friendships and how sometimes friendships just aren’t meant to last forever. 

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • A segment on my mindful moment
  • How you get to decide what you want
  • My tips for making friends as an adult
  • Things that could be hindering you from experiencing great friendships 
  • Small things you can do to make a difference when maintaining friendships


Read the transcript of the episode below:


Daily Mindful Lettering Book
016: What Other People Think
Marco Polo

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