A Thrill of Hope Holiday Printables ✨

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my "A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices" holiday lettering printables! ✍🏼🎄✨

You can download both the worksheets and the final design below.

Below are the free downloads of this quote. You're getting practice worksheets AND a final finished design!

Version 1: Practice with me!

This is a 2 page PDF where I show you in SUPER detail exactly how I lettered this phrase. In the video I showed you both faux calligraphy, where you manually thicken your downstrokes, and brush calligraphy, where you press harder on your downstrokes and lightly on your upstrokes to make thicker and thinner parts of each letter. You can use these worksheets either way!

➡️ Download the tracing version here.

Version 2: Display Ready!

This is a full black version that you can print out to display in your home and use as a holiday decoration. I'd love to see how you all use these so please feel free to tag me in any photos you post @handlettereddesign on Instagram!

➡️ Download the display version here.

Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. These are my gift to you for being a part of this amazing lettering community! ❤️

You can also go back and watch the recorded live video on my Instagram page!

In the video I show you my whole process - we talk about layout and filling in white space andflourishing. (I referred to a few of our workbooks this week, scroll down to see all the books and products that I mentioned!)

Here's the recording of the live video for you to watch:


I hope you are enjoying all these free downloads and the videos! I love giving you this look behind the scenes and hopefully inspiring you to do some of your own holiday creating.

And remember, there are three more Letter Together Holiday Quotes that you can download for free right here on my site!

Click here to check them all out

I used quite a few of our hand lettering products and workbooks in this video. Here's a wrap up of a bunch of them that are available on my site right now!


I used The Guide to Flourishing a bunch in yesterday's live, and honestly I use it all the time when I am looking for flourishing ideas! (Yes I use my own books, haha!) See inside it here.



The Guide to Mindful Lettering is my favorite book for someone getting started with brush pens (or someone who is frustrated with brush pens, I've been there!) Learn more about it here.

Lettering Tracing Paper Pad: Once again I was raving about this paper this week! Honestly it is the best, it's so smooth and nice enough that you could frame it. Learn why I love it here.



For anyone wondering about the brush pen I used, it's this one from Faber-Castell! It is one of my absolute favorites. Find it in our Pen Pouch Starter Kit here.


Xo, ❤️ Lisa