Learn a creative hobby in a mindful way that fills you up

You're Ready to Find Your "Thing"

I Get It.

You’ve decided that it’s time to try a new creative hobby but you’re worried you won’t be good at it. That it will be one more thing that will stress you out. That’s not the case here!! The way we teach lettering and art is through an encouraging and mindful approach so that you enjoy the imperfect process of learning as much as the final product!

Let’s be honest, lettering is my favorite. It’s fun, it’s meaningful and useful. You can use your new lettering talents to write meaningful quotes for yourself and to share with others!

You’ll be able to create meaningful gifts, beautiful decor and develop a mindful practice of focusing on positive and uplifting words. I can’t wait for you to get started!

We believe that

you are creative

We’re just here to help you tap into your creative gifts by helping you learn in an easy, fun, and encouraging atmosphere.

Start with a workbook

Want to get your feet wet and learn lettering in a meaningful way? Grab one of our workbooks! The Creative Lettering Journal is perfect for beginners. It focuses on gratitude and teaches faux calligraphy. The Guide to Mindful Lettering teaches brush calligraphy and includes many affirmations to trace.

Explore the workbook

Dive In with An Online Course

If you know you want to walk through every single step of becoming a lettering pro, you’ll want to go straight to our online courses. You’ll get many videos walking you through every tip and trick you’ll need and you get lifetime access so you can watch and rewatch anytime that works for you!

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