Joy to the World Lettering Printables ✨


Thanks for your interest in my "Joy to the World" Lettering Printables! βœπŸΌπŸŽ„βœ¨ You can download both the worksheets and the final design below!

I have 2 versions for you to download included here:

Version 1: Practice with me!

This is a 2 page PDF where I show you in SUPER detail exactly how I lettered this phrase. You'll see the order of my strokes, which directions they go in, and then be able to trace and practice yourself!

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Version 2: Display Ready!

This is a full black final design version that you can print out to display in your home and use as a holiday decoration.

I'd love to see how you all use these so please feel free to tag me in any photos you post on Instagram!

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Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. These are my gift to you for your interest in this amazing lettering community! ❀️

​I hand lettered this quote LIVE on social media, and you can go back anytime and watch the recorded live video on my !

Here's the link to the recorded live video when I lettered "Joy to the World":

This is part of my Holiday Letter Together 2021 series, where every Thursday in December leading up to Christmas I am lettering a new holiday quote live on Instagram.

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Look for my email on Friday mornings with each week's live lettering wrap up. You can also Β for details on the next Holiday Letter Together live!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I hope to see you one Thursday morning soon for some live holiday lettering!

Xo, Lisa

PS - I wanted to include links to the products that I used or talked about in the video! These make great gifts for the holidays 🎁

​ (I used this exact one in the live lettering video!)

​ (I used ALL 3 of these in the video! Plus with the bundle option, you get a discount!)


This is the lightboard that I talked about in the live video! You can find it in our Lettering Lover Gift Guide .