Peace on Earth Holiday Printables ✨

Thanks for your interest in my last Letter Together Holiday Edition free printables! Scroll down to download the worksheet & final design or to watch the tutorial video.

I've went live on Instagram to show you exactly how to letter a holiday phrase. Then I turned those phrases into practice worksheets and final decorative designs for you!

I asked my Instagram followers to vote on this holiday phrase, and the one you picked was...


"Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men" 🙏🏻


Below are the free downloads of this quote. You're getting practice worksheets, a final finished design AND a link to the recording of the live video where I show you how to letter it from scratch!

Version 1: Practice with me!

This is a 2 page PDF where I show you in SUPER detail exactly how I lettered this phrase. You can used these worksheets for both faux calligraphy, which you can do with ANY writing utensil, or brush calligraphy if you have a brush pen. I show you how to do both in the PDF!

➡️ Download the tracing version here.

Version 2: Display Ready!

This is a full black version that you can print out to display in your home and use as a holiday decoration. I'd love to see how you all use these so please feel free to tag me in any photos you post @handlettereddesign on Instagram!

➡️ Download the display version here.

Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. These are my gift to you for your interest in this amazing lettering community! ❤️

You can also go back and watch the recorded live video on my Instagram page!

In the video I show you my whole process - I didn't prepare anything in advance, so you see start to finish how I figure out this quote layout (including a spirited debate over whether "goodwill" is one word or two! 😂)

Here's the recording of the live video for you to watch:

I hope you have enjoyed all these free downloads and the videos!

If you want to go back and get the free downloads of ALL of the holiday quotes that we did this month or watch any of the videos, you can still find them all on my website:

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I've used quite a few of our hand lettering products and workbooks in these live holiday videos. Here's a wrap up of a bunch of them that are available on my site right now!

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I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I want to thank you for going on this holiday lettering journey with me! I can't wait to share more creativity and mindfulness with you in the new year. 

xoxo, Lisa