Shadows with Markers

join me for a free video lettering lesson

It may be Back to School season (or almost!) for the kids, but are YOU ready to take yourself back to school too?

I say it's time to treat yourself to a little lesson in Faux Calligraphy!

This video was part of a live series that I did for Crayola a while back, but I never released it to my subscribers until now! I think Back to School season is the perfect time to share some free and fun learning with you.

Grab some paper, a marker, and a pen (honestly ANY marker and pen will work - I am using a permanent marker and a gel pen in this video!) and get ready to do some lettering with me!

You don't need any fancy tools to get this "fancy" calligraphy look. We're going to use our regular marker to create the style of calligraphy but without needing to use a dip pen or a brush pen.

Then, we're going to make things a little more fancy by adding shadows! I'll show you how, step by step.

Bookmark this page to come back to to letter with me anytime for free! I love sharing these tutorials with you.

Xoxo - Lisa