Blending with Brush Pens!


Want a watercolor brush lettering hack? This is one my FAVORITE techniques to use with brush lettering to get the look of watercolor without even needing to use actual watercolors. And it’s easier than you think!

All you need is a set of water-based brush pens (we sell these in our shop - find them here!) and the tips I’ll give you today. 🎉

Ready to see how to do it??


Here are the most important tips to remember for blending with brush pens:

  • Always choose a light color and a dark color to really see the difference.
  • Use the plastic lid from the pen case as a blending palate!
  • Put some of the darker color onto the plastic, then use the lighter pen on top of it to pick up both colors.
  • Using the lighter pen, start lettering! Your color will start dark and fade back to light as you go.
  • Don't worry about staining your lighter pen tips, the color will come off!!

​I made a quick, 5-minute tutorial that shows you exactly how I do this with the Tombow Blendable pen sets that we sell in our shop. Watch below: 


We sell these pens in three color sets: green, orange, and red. Each set comes with 6 dual-tip pens: each pen has one brush tip and one bullet tip. All three sets are currently on sale in our shop! I couldn't resist discounting these gorgeous colors in time for some summery blending:

Shop Blendable Water Based Brush Pens here (on sale for summer!)


I can't wait to see what you create with your Blendable brush pens! Make sure you tag me on Instagram at @handlettereddesign if you share your creations. I know you're going to love these!!


Xo 💚 Lisa


PS - Looking for more brush pen tips? ✍🏼 I have a post all about creating shadows with brush pens, read it here! 


Or, if you're just getting started with hand lettering, learn how to hold your brush pen here! 

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