Lettering Dot Pad


Our Lettering Dot Paper Practice and Sketch Pad is filled with our favorite paper for lettering, with a subtle dot grid in the background!

This paper is thick and doesn't bleed through, it's super smooth, and it holds brush pen and marker ink really well.

You'll feel the difference when you first take hold of a sheet and compare it to regular printer paper.  


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Why dot grid?

I love dot grid paper is because the faint dot grid allows for some structure when you want to write in a straight line but isn’t so dark and overpowering so you still feel freedom to create.

So it gives you the structure you need when you want it, but is subtle enough that you can still sketch, doodle, or draw without feeling boxed-in by harsh lines.

perforated for easy removal

The pad includes 50 sheets, each perforated at the top for easy removal.

Each sheet has a light dot pattern on the front AND back. The cover is creased to make it easy to fold it back while using the pad. This is one of my favorite lettering products!

Lettering Dot Paper Pad

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This Dot Pad includes 50 perforated, tear-out pages with a subtle dot grid pattern printed on both sides of each 8.5" x 11" page. The paper is our super smooth lettering paper that will protect your brush pens from fraying and won't bleed through.

Please allow 2-3 business days to process your order before it ships. Thank you!