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Hi all! We are counting down the days until summer here in Arizona: my kids are done with school in just a few more weeks, and we all have summer on the brain!!

In my house, my family often comes up with a "Summer Bucket List" of activities to do as a family during the summer. A few years ago, I created a calendar for us all to decorate and plan out our summer activities. I shared it with this community, and it turns out, your families loved it just as much as mine!!

So I want to share the links to download and print out the calendar for you to use at home this summer. And the best part is: this Summer Calendar is totally free!! I'll send it to you right away, with multiple options for printing at Staples (or your local print shop!) or printing at home:

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    The Summer Coloring Calendar has a space to make your Summer Bucket List, and then you can go right ahead and schedule those activities into days on your calendar! Even just having your kids color it can be a fun creative afternoon and help get everyone excited for summer!

    I put together a video tutorial on how to print out your calendar at home. You can watch here:


    My family loves knowing even the smallest things like "water balloon fight" or "otter pops" are coming up and you can even use it as a journal to keep track of the fun things you're doing so you can look back at your summer at a glance.

    Then I like to take a picture of the calendar as part of my journal to remember (and not to have to keep the huge calendar!).

    If this is your first time using the calendar, I hope you love it as much as I do! And if you've been with me in years past, I'm so grateful to be on this summer adventure again with you!! 

    Make sure you tag me at @handlettereddesign if you share your calendar on Instagram. I just love seeing how your families make the most of your summer calendars!!



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