Meet my new book: Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition!

Hello my friends! It's a HUGE day here at Hand Lettered Design! I want to introduce you to my brand new lettering workbook. My teenage daughter helped me come up with the idea, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition teaches you 5 brand new lettering styles, and each one is represented by a different plant. These plants also have mindfulness tools and thoughts to teach us too that will help us grow more positive thoughts. 

My daughter had the idea to use plants to represent our thoughts (like how a prickly pear cactus represents our prickly negative thoughts) and I immediately fell in love with the idea! 

First you'll meet the Powerful Plants and learn their unique lettering styles as well as the different mindfulness tools that they represent.

I love that my daughter chose the Monstera to represent self-compassion because of its heart-shaped leaves and Aloe Vera to represent the gifts that we have to give to the world, just like the healing aloe that it gives to us.

Amazing, right??

You'll learn now to draw each of them in this book too. 🪴

This book was also inspired by my Mindful Lettering for Kids Book that came out earlier this year.

In that book, I created some cute little animals to help represent kids' feelings so they can understand them better. I wanted to use that same concept in a book that was a bit more grown up, and when my daughter suggested that I use plants, I was sold!

Next in the new book, you'll start practicing by learning how to use your brush pen (this is a great book for beginners!)

Then you'll trace the alphabets in the different lettering styles and use those styles with some powerful mantras and affirmations.

You'll tie everything together with some Powerful Plant Phrases that mix together all 5 lettering styles at the end of the book.

I love that this book combines so many creative things:

Lettering, Drawing, Journaling, Mindfulness... you'll find it all in this book!

Obviously this book is called "Mindful Lettering for FUN" so it's a great choice for anyone who wants to try doing something new and creative!

But this book also shares such an important message and concept that I want all of you to know.

It's something that I believe deep down in my heart and all too often it's easy to forget.

Here it is:

The world needs your gifts.


Exactly as you are right now.

And it's a lot easier to share our gifts with those around us when we've taken care of ourselves.

That means lots of different things to different people but I think it all comes down to taking care of both our bodies and our minds.

That means eating and sleeping and moving and all the things we do to keep ourselves healthy.

But it also means giving ourselves time to mentally recharge and to process all of our emotions (the good and the bad!)

When we are well-nourished, physically and mentally, we are more ready to share our gifts with the world.

This book is all about giving yourself that mental grace to recharge, acknowledge how you feel, and give yourself permission to relax and have a little fun.

Because when you take care of YOU, you can give more back to others too.

It might sound simple and, yes, a little cheesy.

But I firmly believe with all of my heart that the best way for us to share our gifts is to take care of ourselves and our minds.

And to have a little fun along the way. ☺️

That's what this book is all about.

And I can't wait for you to get your copy.

Learn more and grab yours here!

Xoxo - Lisa

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