My first book just for kids

Hey there, can I tell you about little Lisa?

As a kid, I was so drawn to creativity- drawing, coloring, lettering, you name it, I loved it. šŸ˜

I also had BIG emotions and could be really hard on myself.

I felt deeply and didn't always know what to do with the feelings that came up or the negative voice that often came in (uninvited that might add!).

When I have thought about creating a lettering book for kids, I just knew that little Lisa would not only have LOVED learning lettering from this book but also would have majorly benefitted from learning some of the mindful skills included too.

My guess is that if you've been here for awhile, You know how strongly I feel about the power of creativity. šŸ–Œļø Not only do I see how engaging in something creativity can totally change my mood but I see the same thing happen for my kids too!

I can see my kids go from feeling totally upset to feeling extremely calm after spending time creating. Kids need art!


I want kids to have these creative and mindful tools and the joy that comes from it.


This weekend, I got to introduce my new Mindful Lettering for Kids book to my kids and I cannot tell you how special it was. āœØ

From my 13 year-old down to my 5 year old, they all enjoyed it so much!

Of course I want kids to learn better penmanship and to have FUN lettering, but I also want them to feel loved and confident as they embrace the power of mindful creativity.

Of all the things we can give our kids, providing them with TOOLS to use when they need them just feels so empowering.

This book has been on my heart for a long time.Ā 

I've heard from so many of you that your kids or teens use my Daily Mindful Lettering workbooks and love them!

But it got me thinking that I wanted to make something just for them.

Just for all the little Lisas of the world.Ā ā¤ļø

I'm so excited that this book is finally HERE and available for you in my shop.Ā 

You can see inside Mindful Lettering for Kids and learn so much more here.Ā 

I know the kids in your life are going to love it!

Sending so much love to you (and your littles)!

Xoxo- Lisa


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