005: 5 Creative Steps to Less Stress

Lisa Funk @ 2020-06-16 09:41:03 -0700


Mindfulness and meditation is great in theory but sometimes when we actually put it into practice, it’s not quite as zen as we imagined that it would be. 

The benefits that meditative practices can have on your life are nearly endless. But most people face challenges when incorporating meditation into their everyday life. Things like kids climbing all over you or a phone call that disrupts you mid-practice. The truth is, that’s completely normal.

In this episode, I am giving you an overview of my free guide, 5 Creative Steps to Less Stress & More Joy.  You’ll hear me chat about the benefits of meditation, why you shouldn’t expect perfection with meditation and how these exercises can be used to ground yourself (or as a tool when you’re overly stressed out). 

What you’ll find in this episode:


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003: Join the Movement

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