The ultimate hand lettered greeting card course


This course is for anyone who wants to create a special memory with handmade greeting cards.

Imagine how special you would feel to receive a card in the mail that was made just for you!

You'll learn how to share that love and creativity in this course. And it's so much easier than you might think!

With my 3 Step Greeting Card Formula, you'll be creating beautiful and memorable cards in no time.  

spreading joy with handmade cards

There's a special magic that comes with making and writing cards that we don't get in our modern everyday lives.

When we sit down to make a card for someone, we open our hearts to that person.

We spend time thinking about our special connections to them as we draw or write, and that love comes through in a tangible way when we make a card just for them.

I think that handmade cards are a bit of a lost art, but I am ready to bring them back! 

Are you with me?

the best way to learn

With our online classroom you can take as long as you need to master each section. Watch the course as many times as you like, your access never expires. 

Plus, I'm including a huge packet of downloads with lettering and decorative templates for you to use time and time again.

This is the best way to learn because it's so flexible, you can fit this in your life.

Card Course FAQ

No! If you have some practice lettering, that's great, but I'll walk you through some hand lettering basics right here in the course. I'll teach you step-by-step, no previous experience (or good handwriting) necessary. 

You'll receive lifetime access to all of the video trainings in this course: over 1.5 hours of footage! The course also comes with a 30-page download packet filled with alphabet lettering practice, illustrations, design ideas, and lots more!

All you REALLY need to do this course is a writing utensil and a blank card! I'll be showing you some other tools that I like to use, but you'll be surprised how many things you already have lying around the house can help you make your own cards. 

Yes, you can! We have a pack of size A2 (4.25'x 5.5") cards made especially for this course using high-quality, super smooth 14 pt. cardstock. You'll be able to select them once you add the course to your cart. We also have TONS of brush pens in our shop, so you can get all the exact tools I use in the course right here on our site, no other prep required.

Why Hand Lettered Cards?

I am all about using lettering as a mindfulness practice. It's an amazing outlet that helps me relax and practice helpful affirmations (my Daily Mindful Lettering Books are great for this!)

But the more you practice lettering, the more you might want to USE it for something. And what better way to use your lettering than by putting it on a greeting card to send to someone you love?

Whether you already have some lettering skills or you'll be getting started with this course, using lettering to make handmade greeting cards is a great way to bless other people's lives and to connect with other people.

Let's walk through the course

Chapter 1: Welcome to Card Making

Let's quickly talk through the course! I'll give you an overview of what you'll be learning and everything that's included. (2:43)

Chapter 2: Supplies

Paper, bone folders, and rulers, oh my! I'll give you a full supplies list of everything I'll be using in the course, and I'll show you some easy household items you can use to help you out, too. We'll also talk about standard card and envelope sizes.  (13:51)

Chapter 3: Make Your Own Cards

If you want to create custom card sizes or just want to be able to turn any paper you have at home into a greeting card, this chapter is for you! I'll show you step-by-step how I make my own cards from cardstock.  (6:40)

Chapter 4: Lettering

Let's get into some tips for hand lettering your greeting cards! I'll walk you through all the lettering alphabet guide downloads that are included with this course and give you some tips for brush lettering and faux calligraphy. Then, I'll show you some of the lettering design samples included in the course and will walk you through how to combine lettering styles and create balanced hand lettered designs. (Part 1: 10:12 | Part 2: 6:59)

Chapter 5: Containers

A container is a shape that outlines your lettering, like a frame, banner, or wreath. I'll walk you through the container templates included with this course, and will share some quick and easy hacks for creating containers of your own. (6:43)

Chapter 6: Embellishments

Let's talk about the details! I'll show you how to use the flowers and illustrations templates that are included with the course, and we'll talk about how to build your own templates to pull from in the future. (4:28)

Chapter 7: Tutorial #1: Thank You Card

Make a card with me! We're following the greeting card formula of lettering + container + embellishments. For this card, I'm including how to use glue dots to add some dimension and make a 3-D card. We'll also talk about using "thumbnails" to practice your layout and my methods for adding color. (9:04)

Chapter 8: Tutorial #2: Birthday Card

Let's work backwards this time! I'll choose a lettering style, a container, and an illustration embellishment to create a beautifully simple birthday card. (4:15)

Chapter 9: Tutorial #3: thinking of You Card

See my step-by-step process for drawing a beautiful wreath every time. Plus, I'll use watercolor this time to add color(something that so many of you asked to see in this course!) (5:26)

Chapter 10: Simple Card Designs

Now that we've gone through some detailed tutorials, I want to show you some super simple and quick card design ideas. (10:35)

Chapter 11: Envelope Designs

It's time to get those cards ready to send! I want to show you some of my favorite ways to address an envelope in a really pretty decorative way that's sure to make your recipient feel special. (10:12)

My Mother-In-Law always used to make handmade Christmas cards, and I can't tell you how special they are to me and my family! I'll cherish those cards forever.

Making the cards can be a great family activity too. This course is fun to do on your own but it is also so great to do with kids - a perfect summer activity for a rainy day or just any time you want to get those creative juices flowing!

Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course

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The Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course includes over 90 minutes of digital instruction, broken down into easy-to-navigate chapters. It also includes a 30-page PDF download packet of designs and templates for you to print and use.

You get lifetime access to the course and can watch as many times as you need (and on as many devices as you'd like.)

This is a digital product. Your access to the course and the downloads will be emailed to you after your purchase. No physical products will be shipped to you.