Mindful Lettering For Kids Book

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I am such a HUGE believer in the power of creativity. I know how much creating helps improve my mental health. 

Kids today are struggling more than ever with their mental health too. How can we help kids to practice mindfulness?

This book will teach kids 5 different lettering styles (including traditional cursive!) and give them fun ways to practice each style with lettering designs and projects. 

Yes, this book will help kids improve their penmanship.

But it will also teach them lettering as a mindfulness technique.

The will learn using phrases that help them find calm, build courage, learn gratitude, and practice being kind to themselves.

Mindful Lettering is a Super Power

I love this book as an activity to teach mindfulness for kids.

It tells a story that kids will love but they'll also learn handwriting skills AND some amazing kid-friendly mindfulness tools to use anytime they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Here's how it works:


When Ned the Negative Narwhal comes around with his negative thoughts, the Mindful Mates are here to help! 

Ned tends to worry a lot about what could go wrong. Kids (and adults!) feel that way too sometimes, and that's ok!

This book is designed to help kids learn to address these big thoughts and feelings. 

The Mindful Mates will teach kids helpful words and tools for dealing with all kinds of emotions. 

They are here with their fun, unique lettering styles and powerful words and phrases to help bring calm, gratitude, confidence, kindness and joy to life!

what's included

Top or Side Spiral Workbook

The 96-page Mindful Lettering for Kids Workbook in your choice of Top or Side Spiral (Top Spiral is great for kids who are lefties!)

a page-by-page walkthrough

Access to an 8-Chapter Online Course where I walk kids through EVERY single page of the book! Over 3 hours of video included. 

bundle option

This book is also available as a discounted bundle option that includes a fun pack of duo-tip markers and a pad of tracing paper (to extend the life of your workbook.) See the savings here!

I see how powerful creativity is for my kids.

My kids were a huge inspiration for me in creating this book and it's so sweet how excited they are to use it!

I recommend this book for kids ages 5-12.

I'll be teaching them EVERY letter as I walk them through each page. It's all in the video course that comes with this book. You kids can learn right along with me!

I wanted to create an online course to go with this book because I want this to be a project that kids can work on without an adult needing to sit with them and help them with every step.

I'll be there with them in the video, lettering in real time with them and teaching them how to do everything from the very beginning!

It's like I'm sitting right next to them

This course is a huge value in and of itself! 

It includes 8 Chapters with over 3 Hours of video instructions where I talk to your kids about how to use the book and what it means to be mindful, creative, and kind to ourselves. 

take a look inside the book

letter with the mindful mates

First we'll meet the 5 Mindful Mates. Up first is Gigi the Giraffe! Her lettering style is tall, just like a giraffe. We'll practice using her letters by tracing words that will help kids feel calm.

yes... cursive included!

The last of the Mindful Mates will teach kids traditional cursive.We'll practice each individual letter and learn how to connect them together before we practice tracing some mindful phrases in script.

Super Power Phrases

After we meet all 5 Mates and learn their lettering styles, we'll combine them all in these Super Power Phrases! The Mates want kids to remember these phrases to help anytime they're feel stressed. 

Fun Lettering Projects

At the very end of the book, we'll create some fun projects using all that we've learned! Lettering is so much fun to use in lots of different ways and we'll try some of them here in the book. 

Mindful Lettering For Kids Book

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This Product Bundle includes:

  • Choice of 1 Top or Side Spiral 96-page Workbook
  • 1 12 Pack of Faber-Castell Duo-Tip Markers (24 colors in total)
  • 1 Pad of Lettering Tracing Paper
  • Full online course with over 3-hours of step-by-step tutorial videos for kids.

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This book has been on my heart for a long time.

I've heard from so many people that your kids enjoy using my Daily Mindful Lettering books, and I think that's so wonderful! But I have been wanting to create a book just for them.

Because kids need creativity. 

I can see my kids go from feeling totally upset to feeling extremely calm after spending time creating. 


I want kids to have these creative and mindful tools and the joy that comes from it.

I want to help kids deal with anxiety and other big emotions in a fun and memorable way.

And of course I want kids to learn better penmanship and to have FUN lettering! But I also want them to feel loved and confident as they embrace the power of mindful creativity.