Beginning with Brush Pens Online Course

Beginning with Brush Pens Online Course

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you're ready to tackle those brush pens

If you have tried out brush lettering with some frustration or have been too scared to try using brush pens at all, this is the course for you!

We will show you all the secrets to make smooth transitions and get the look you’re going for.

The hands-on brush pen practice you need

In 7 value-packed Chapters, we'll cover:

  • the best pens and paper to use and how they affect your work
  • forms drills- the magic secret sauce
  • both print AND script alphabets
  • AND a BONUS Fude Brush Pen practice guide download 

Let's walk through the course

This Course is broken up into 7 Chapters. Each Chapter includes a video tutorial, and throughout the course you'll find many downloadable templates and tracing sheets that you can print out to use and practice with!

Chapter 1: The Class You've Been Waiting For

1.  Video Lesson - Addi & Lisa welcome you to class!

2.  Let's Get Started

3.  Class Supply List

Chapter 2: Oh The Difference Paper Makes!

1.  Video Lesson - All The Paper

2.  Review - All of the Papers Mentioned and Links to Find Them

Chapter 3: So Many Brush Pens, So Little Time...

1.  Video Lesson - Introduction To Our Favorite Brush Pens!

2.  Review -  Keep Track of All These Pens - Here Are Their Names and Links to Find them

Chapter 4: Forms and Drills

1.  Download - Print This Drill Worksheet

2.  Video Lesson - Here Is The Secret Sauce of Brush Pens!

3.  Review -  Let's Go Over the Tips Shared In This Chapter.  They're So Important!

Chapter 5: Creating Capitals - How To Use A Brush Pen To Write Print Capital Letters

1.  Download - A Guide Sheet Of Capital Letters Created With A Brush Pen

2.  Video Lesson - Let's Create Capitals

3.  Review -  Print Letters with Brush Pens

Chapter 6: The Entire Script Alphabet

1.  Download - Script Alphabet Guide Sheets - Print These Out to Follow Along!

2.  Video Lesson - Brush Script Alphabet

3.  Review -  Brush Pen Script Alphabet

Chapter 7: Recap & Farewell

1.  Video Lesson - Recap and Farewell with Lisa & Addi

2.  Review

Like having me by your side

Easy to Start

We'll teach you step-by-step, no previous experience (or good handwriting) necessary. You control the pace, so watch a section as many times as you need to get comfortable with each skill.

Remove the Confusion

I've tried hundreds of brush pens... literally! And I'll only teach using ones that I've tested and enjoyed. This course will help you take all the guesswork out of choosing the right tools. You can even order pens and paper from my shop - I only carry the best!!

Proven Success

We've literally had hundreds of people complete this course. Our in-person experience is critical because we know what questions people would ask and so we've been able to work those into the material.

Beginning with Brush Pens Online Course

$47.00 Sale Save

This Beginning with Brush Pens Online Course includes 7 value-packed Chapters detailing how to get started using brush pens. The course also includes a Supplies List, Links, and 3 PDF Downloads for you to print out and trace as you follow along.

You get lifetime access to the course and can watch as many times as you need (and on as many devices as you'd like.)

This is a digital product. Your access to the course and the downloads will be emailed to you after your purchase. No physical products will be shipped to you.